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Duwamish Longhouse



Duwamish Narrative
Contemporary Voices of the Duwamish Tribe

Current exhibit on display

Joanne Petrina, Seattle documentary photographer has been photographing and interviewing members of the Duwamish Tribe for almost two years, making fine art images and creating a larger story, trying to get a sense of the present day Duwamish Tribe. Without ignoring the extraordinary history of Duwamish People in the Puget Sound, the project focuses more on contemporary issues. All of the framed photographs include brief written narratives from each subject in their own words. Joanne has been spending time with Tribal members of all ages, from the kids participating in the "T'ilibshudub" Duwamish Language and Dance group, artists, council members, elders and some of the many non-tribal members that have been working along with the Duwamish as they launch their new Longhouse and Cultural Center and in their efforts to gain Tribal recognition. Joanne accompanied Cecile Hansen to Washington D.C. this past July as she met with members of Congress and testified before the House Resource Committee to support a bill introduced by Jim McDermott to recognize the Tribe and deliver on treaty rights that have been denied them for the last one hundred and fifty years. Some of the Joanne's images were displayed on a large monitor during her testimony which added to the impact of Cecile's strong and emotional words. The irony of an unrecognized tribe fighting to prove that they actually exist was not lost there, all testimony seemed to make the strong case that it is time to end the injustice done to tribes that remain unacknowledged.

The stories and images that have emerged from this project present an intimate look at the Duwamish Tribe at this time in their long history and how they project themselves into the future. The resurgence of Duwamish culture; language, art, dance and the conoe journey is something to be supported and celebrated by everyone in Seattle. The Duwamish Narrative is a thoughtful representation of that process along with the recognition effort. The exhibit will hopefully raise awareness and provide inspiration for all to participate. The show is now on display at the new Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center through the end of January.




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Duwamish Longhouse and Cultural Center
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