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Story of the Duwamish


Duwamish Logo

The Story of the Duwamish

Told by the Tribal Logo

The Killer Whale

This Killer Whale represents the Duwamish people as they were sea oriented people.

The Eagle (Dorsal Fin)

The Eagle represents the high respect the Duwamish people had for it as the ruler of the sky, and the fact, that the main base for the Duwamish Tribe was in Renton.  The Eagle represents the ruler of the sky.

The Raven (Pectoral Fin)

Clever and cunning, the Raven represents the knowledge and teachings of the Duwamish people.

Tail Ovoid

Represents the white man when he first came to the Puget Sound.

Whale Eye Ovoid

Represents the Duwamish Indian.

Raven Eye Ovoid

Represents the Duwamish and how they helped the white man from starving to death and how they took care of them for the first two years here in the Puget Sound.  They taught the white man how to live and become self-sufficient.

Abner Johnson of the Tlingit Tribe from Alaska carved this killer whale as a tribute to the First People of the City of Seattle, the Duwamish Tribe

It was gifted in June 1987